Pension and Supplemental Pension Plans

One of the most important long-range goals for you and your family is to prepare for financial security throughout your retirement. For decades, the goal of the National Roofing Industry Pension Fund (NRIPF) has been to provide and protect your retirement benefits. 

About 75% of all union roofers currently work under contracts covered by the NRIPF, which consists of the National Roofing Industry Pension Plan (NRIPP) and the National Roofing Industry Supplemental Pension Plan (NRISPP).

To learn about the NRIPP and NRISPP eligibility requirements and benefits, you may contact the Fund office (or visit

The NRIPP was established in 1966 to help Roofers and their families prepare for financial security during their retirement years. As of January 1, 2021, the NRIPP provides benefits to around 9,000 retirees and beneficiaries and has paid out more than $1 billion in benefits. About 14,000 roofing industry employees currently work under contracts covered by the NRIPP.

If your employer has agreed to participate in the NRIPP and makes contributions on your behalf, and you satisfy the NRIPP’s eligibility requirements, you may be eligible for a monthly retirement check when you retire from the roofing industry. You may also be eligible for other benefits such as disability and, for your spouse or beneficiary, death benefits.

To learn more about the NRIPP, contact the Fund office or visit its website.

The trustees, in 2000, made an important enhancement to the NRIPF by adding the National Roofing Industry Supplemental Pension Plan (NRISPP), a qualified “defined contribution” plan. As of December 31, 2020, the NRISPP has more than 8,400 participants with total account balances exceeding $134 million.

In order for you to be a part of the NRISPP, your local union must negotiate for contributions to be made by your employer to the NRISPP for you. If you are a participant in the NRISPP, employer contributions go into your NRISPP account and are invested over your working years. The value of your NRISPP account is there for you when you retire or become disabled and, for your spouse or beneficiary, if you die before retirement.

Your NRISPP account is a supplement to the amount of your NRIPP monthly benefit. You may also have your NRISPP account payable in other ways besides a monthly benefit, including one lump-sum upon retirement if you are receiving benefits from the NRIPP.

To learn more about the NRISPP, contact the Fund office or visit its website.

Contact the Fund Office

Access Important Pension Information Online

Information regarding your pension is available online at the fund’s website,

Logging in to this website lets you access all your pension account information in one place. You can:

  • view your monthly work hours contributed to the fund;
  • view your estimated “normal retirement age” benefit;
  • see a complete history of contributions made on your behalf;
  • verify your contact information;
  • change your mailing address or name;
  • download important forms, including the pension plan application, authorization for electronic deposit, beneficiary designation, and more;
  • download documents, including the Summary Plan Descriptions, recent notices, and more; 
  • and use the site to email any questions to the Fund office.

Access NRISPP Daily Account Balance Online

Participants in the NRISPP can now view their supplemental pension account balance in real time. Go to to log in and see what your supplemental pension is worth. Balances are updated daily.