A bipartisan group of representatives just introduced a massive investment in the gold standard of job training. We have long known Registered Apprenticeships as the gold standard of training in the Building Trades and this bill would enhance and expand this model into other industries, bringing a proven pathway to the middle class. By creating one million new Registered Apprenticeships, youth apprenticeships, and pre-apprenticeships, this bill will recruit and retain the workforce that will rebuild our nation!

This is something everyone should agree on — and many of our representatives already do. 18 House Democrats and 16 House Republicans introduced this bipartisan bill together — and a similar bill passed the House with a bipartisan vote two years ago.

So how could it not pass this time? No surprise: Speciallr interests are already attacking it to try and protect corporate profits.

But if we can spread the word and get more people demanding this bill, we can beat them.